What people have been saying

Here are a handful of reviews from people who have listened to the show, which still has a 5.0 rating with 41 reviews on Apple Podcasts:

Truly great


I will pay the ultimate compliment to this podcast. They use good equipment so it sounds great. And the content is spectacular. It’s like listening to your friends sitting around and talking about movies, but just listening. Easy to listen to, and they deliver the goods.


Great listen and lots of fun

five-stars-3Alan Sanders and Walt Murray do an amazing job bringing out the most minute details of the films of the late great Gene Wilder and making them an interesting and entertaining listening experience. They take great care to find a wide variety of guests to cover all aspects of their content and to discuss the genius of greats like Mel Brooks, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Cleavon Little, Richard Pryor, Slim Pickens, and many more. Well worth subscribing and liking on Facebook too!



five-stars-3It plays like a lit fuse torching bright to the climatic conclusion. The Wilder Ride is THE place for Gene Wilder fans. A fun and informative podcast that focuses on all things Wilder, from the dazzlingly brilliant Blazing Saddles to the genius of The Woman in Red, and Young Frankenstein. The hosts: Alan Sanders and Walt Murray leave no stone unturned in their mission to explore the depth and humanity so evident in Gene Wilder’s masterful movies. Drop by and listen to their podcast today. But be warned––this stuff is addictive.

Captain Cornflake

Not just for Gene Wilder fans

five-stars-3As part of the Movies by Minutes family, this show is another in a long list of highly entertaining podcasts. I stopped listening to music in the car years ago; it’s now all podcasts all the time. Alan and Walt deliver high quality amusements with every episode. If you’re not yet a Gene Wilder fan, you will become one by subscribing and listening to the show. Keep up the great work guys!


A lot of fun

five-stars-3Alan & Walt take a fabulous movie & make it even funnier with their take on it. The banter between the two is great & prepare yourself to take rides on their tangent trains of thought too. Keep it up, guys!

Kompis av programmet

Great Chemistry and Great Movies!

five-stars-3Alan and Walt have great chemistry and are a blast to listen to, so it’s lucky for us they’ve picked some awesome movies to discuss! Great podcast!


Fun and informative

five-stars-3What a fun look at Gene Wilder’s films! I appreciate the research and love these guys have for this Gene’s work!


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