Prior Guests

Prior Guests - The Wilder Ride

As our seasons continue to unfold, we want to keep an easy to search record of all the wonderful prior guests who did join us on our Wilder Ride. The show becomes so much better thanks to the addition of so many other voices who are just as passionate about movies as we are. Sometimes it is difficult to explain to someone how the movies-by-minutes format can produce so much content when only looking at a film in :60 second increments. However, once they listen to a handful of episodes, more often than not, they are hooked.

Many of our guests create podcasts of their own. We encourage you to seek out their individual projects and give them a listen. This community is so helpful and seek to bring nothing by encouragement to all participants. If you found yourself enjoying the contribution of these talented people, let them know. Almost all of them have dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages and many have Instagram and more. And, help each of us out by taking a moment to leave a rating and a comment on your pod-catcher of choice. It will help others find this and other shows like it so they, too, can enjoy this wonderful broadcast medium.


Click on the link to see the archived page of prior guests heard during our past seasons. Once there, each minute is linked to that guest’s episode. Feel free to explore and enjoy re-listening to some of your favorite minutes and guests.

It Begins! Let's dive into Young Frankenstein, one minute at a time.

Season One – Young Frankenstein

Welcome to season two - Blazing Saddles

Season Two – Blazing Saddles

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Season Three – TWR Listeners Lounge