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This page will act as the starting point to navigate the archive of previous seasons and bonus content. It will continue to grow as our podcast grows. Some have been with us since before we even launched our first episode. Some came during the launch of season one. And, still to this day, others are stumbling across our podcast home. Welcome!

Our podcast, The Wilder Ride, is our ongoing love-letter to the work of Gene Wilder. However, we also enjoy discussing all movies in general. Sometimes this means we will bring you other movies, outside of the movies-by-minutes format. Some of these will be free “bonus” episodes. Others will be exclusive to our patrons on our dedicated Patreon page. We wish we could bring you all of our content at no charge, but, unfortunately, there are some costs associated with hosting our website and our content. We will always make our minute-by-minute seasons available for free, while reserving the bonus material for our subscribers. Regardless of whether the episodes are free or through our Patreon Page, this section of our website will reference all previous seasons and content.

Whether you are a subscriber or not, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit our site. More importantly, we want to thank you for listening, liking, sharing, following and retweeting whenever you’ve had the chance to help promote our podcast. We appreciate your support, your loyalty and, for those in our Facebook Listeners Group, your feedback and ongoing conversation.

Season One – Young Frankenstein
Bonus Episodes
Poltergeist – Patreon Show