Poltergeist – Patreon Show

Poltergeist - Patreon Show

Our very first Patreon show was selected through polling our listeners in our Facebook closed Listeners Group. We started with a list of nearly 10 possible Halloween-related films, whittling it down to four. Those were Alien, Ghostbusters, Shaun of the Dead and Poltergeist. Once we posted the poll, our listeners overwhelming chose the classic 1982 ghost story, Poltergeist.

Poltergeist tells the story of the Freelings, a typical suburban family. Husband, Steve, sells real estate in their ever expanding subdivision. Diane, his wife, is a stay-at-home mom. She cares for their three children: Dana, Robbie and Carol Anne. Strange occurrences being to happen in the house at the very onset of the movie. Carol Anne wakes, hearing voices on a static-filled television channel. Later, it appears the spirits are able to escape from their world, jumping from the television to inside the walls of the Freeling home.

At first, the supernatural happenings range from annoying to interesting. It starts with cupboard doors opening on their own, furniture rearranging itself and chairs sliding across the kitchen floor. However, events become deadly serious when Carol Anne vanishes into a nether world. Much like the spirits earlier in the film, the only way the family seems to communicate with her is through the white noise on their television. A team of paranormal investigators move into the house, but the forces that kidnapped are evil and powerful requiring the services of Tangina, a woman who has dealt with this situation before.


Poltergeist Tweetie

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3 – When acne happens to be your worst fear

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5 – Who needs Ghostbusters when you can call the A Team?