Christmas Vacation – Patreon Show

The Griswold Effect

Our first Christmas holiday Patreon show represents the will of our listeners. Much like our Halloween special, we picked four movies we thought we’d like to cover for our holiday special. However, when we created our poll, we left it open to add new choices. Our listeners added several different selections, but it was clear Christmas Vacation was the movie the majority wanted us to cover.

So, after a week of rest from Halloween, we buckled down and broke the movie into seven parts. We wanted to time it so each weekly installment would drop on a Monday, with the last one falling on Christmas Eve.

We also have a very special treat! Starting with episode 4, we had the chance to talk with Beverly D’Angelo about her role in Christmas Vacation. Her insights and observations will get peppered throughout the remaining episodes. BUT! Since we know not everyone may want to subscribe to the bonus content we create for our patrons, we will bring you the full interview as well after we wrap up the show. We will make sure to make that available to everyone through our normal podcast outlets.

Thank you to all who are part of our Facebook listeners group and who participated in our poll. As we continue on this Wilder Ride, we will keep looking for additional films to discuss outside of the works of Gene Wilder.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


1 – The Griswold Effect

2 – Boobs and the 14 year old brain

2a – Bonus promo: The boob effect

3 – Lit like the Griswold home at Christmas

4 – Eddie, the boss, Ruby Sue and a day dream