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Have you been enjoying our minute-by-minute discussions of the movies of Gene Wilder? Is it giving you a much needed distraction while caught in traffic? Does it make the honey-do list a little more enjoyable? Do you sometimes wish we would provide some special *bonus* content where we dive even deeper into a Gene Wilder discussion or maybe even weigh-in on other movies? (We love talking about Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Jaws, Lord of the Rings, Alien/Aliens, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Blade Runner and more!) Our Patreon page is a place where all of this happens.

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Do you wish you had something tangible you could use to show off your love for our Gene Wilder podcast? Perhaps some reading material for all of the other drivers on the road? (What on Earth would people ever do at the red lights if it weren’t for your handy, rear bumper, mobile library service?) Or, you could always put that sticker somewhere less obtrusive, but no less special. What about getting a chance to be a guest on the show? It can all be made possible by heading over to our Patreon page!

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We love bringing this show to life, but, as with almost anything, there are costs associated with hosting a podcast. There are ongoing hosting fees to support the website and all of the episodes. Whether just a $1 a month or for those who can afford a little more, it all adds up and helps us offset some of those costs. If you are not in a position to become a patron of our show, that is okay too! We love having a creative outlet and hopefully we will continue to bring new seasons to life without interruption.

For those who have already pledged their support, we thank you! We are humbled and grateful and will continue to publish the best possible shows we can to keep entertaining and engaging the audience. And, who knows? Maybe we will impart a little knowledge, too!

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Poltergeist (1982)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Big Lebowski

The Princess Bride



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