The Wilder Ride is a podcast that celebrates and analyzes the films of Gene Wilder. We do this by looking at only one minute of the movie at a time. Additionally, we invite a wide range of guests to join in our conversation. Our show exists to entertain and engage the listener with trivia, discussion, fun-facts and some behind-the-scenes stories. Though entertainment is our priority, if you accidentally learn something along the way, that’s okay too.

It started after Gene Wilder’s passing, when host Alan Sanders awoke from a vivid dream. He had previously been a guest on another podcast using the movies-by-minutes format and found it fascinating. Other podcasts using that style were dedicated to film franchises like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, etc. Soon after the death of Gene Wilder, Alan dreamt of calling the podcast “The Wilder Ride” because he knew it would be a “wild” podcast. Plus, it would focus on the body of work of an actor, rather than a franchise.

Hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray have diverse backgrounds, but share many mutual interests, especially relating to film, television and entertainment. Alan has a background in radio, film and video. He has been the recipient of four Georgia Association of Broadcasters Awards thus far in his radio career, two for Best Show and two for Best On-Air Personality. Walt’s claim to fame is sitting down and chatting with JJ Abrams while working on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness. He is a private detective by day, giving him a wealth of fun stories to tell, though changing the names to protect the stupid.

Our listeners run the gamut for age, gender, economic background and ethnicity. Our audience is so diverse because the love of Gene Wilder and his films cuts across those same demographics. Our top five countries for episode downloads are The United States, the UK, Australia, Canada and Italy. We have listeners in every continent and are approaching 50,000 downloads.

Where to listen to our podcast is as simple as looking at the most popular pod-catchers and we are likely there. We are on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, YouTube, Himalaya, Deezer and Radio.com. Our RSS feed is used by many other pod-catchers, so just search for The Wilder Ride in your favorite one and you are likely going to find us.

Where else can you find us? We were lucky to discover that the name of our podcast wasn’t being used anywhere else. This means our branding is always centered around our full name — The Wilder Ride. This includes the following:

We also have a private Listeners Group on Facebook for those who want to engage with us and other listeners to our podcast. It is accessed through our public Facebook page by clicking on the Join Group button. Applicants just answer a couple of easy questions (confirming they are not a bot) and follow some basic rules. We only want to promote friendly discussions of Gene Wilder, his films, other movies, television, video and entertainment. There are plenty of other places to go to for discussions on relgion, politics or news.

Support the show by visiting our TeePublic store for show related merchandise. Listeners can also help fund ongoing production costs of our show by becoming a patron through our Patreon page. We have several tiers of support and with each higher option, we provide additional rewards or incentives. Moreover, there is always need for ratings and reviews of our show, which does not cost anything. Plus, we encourage everyone to like, share, follow and recommend our show to their friends, family and followers.

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