Fact Sheet


  • The Wilder Ride is a podcast that celebrates and analyzes the films of Gene Wilder primarily, while covering other films as off-season content.
  • We invite a wide range of guests, from varying ages, backgrounds and experiences to participate in each episode.
  • We use the movies-by-minutes format, where each episode is dedicated to only looking at one minute of the movie.
  • Episodes range in length from 20-60 minutes, with an average of 40 minutes each. Bonus episodes run 30 minutes to 2 ½ hours.


  • The concept for the show came up after the passing of Gene Wilder.
  • Where most movies-by-minutes podcasts focus on a franchise, we are focusing on the filmography of actor Gene Wilder.
  • Our 1st season, Young Frankenstein, launched on March 25, 2018 and ended on August 20, 2018.
  • Our 2nd season, Blazing Saddles, launched on February 25, 2019 and ended on July 4, 2019.
  • Our 3rd season, Silver Streak, is expected to launch on February 24, 2020.
  • We have bonus episodes, including interviews with actress Beverly D’Angelo, Actor Burton Gilliam and biographer Brian Scott Mednick.
  • We have off-season content, primarily through our Patreon page, generating revenue to offset the cost of producing the podcast.


  • Listeners run the gamut for age, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic background.
  • Our top five countries for listeners: the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada and Italy.
  • We have listeners in every continent, save for Antarctica; Approaching 50,000 downloads.

Online/Social Media


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  • YouTube
  • iHeart Radio
  • TuneIn Radio
  • And many more…

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