Current Season Guests

We want to thank all of our guests who have participated in our season four podcast. If you are looking for a particular person who appeared in any of our episodes, just scroll through and see. 

Season Four – The Wilder Ride and TWR Listeners Lounge

EpisodeSpecial GuestTitle Card
1Alan and Walt – Hosts of The Wilder Ride Listeners Lounge.Season four
2Bryon Lockhart – Former US Marine and podcast host of The Marine Corps Movie Minute.Bryon Lockhart
3Veronica Harrell – On-air talent and traffic reporter for WSB radio in Atlanta.Veronica Harrell
4Autumn Fischer – On-air talent and master of voices for The Von Haessler Doctrine on WSB Radio and the podcast, One Topic. Autumn Fischer
5Mike White – A former Navy Seal who spent some time in Hollywood as an actor before moving into executive protection and then businessman.Mike White
6Tyson Clabo – Former Atlanta Falcon who shared his athletic background and life after retiring, including spending time with his adopted children.Tyson Clabo
7Tom Shinall – Business Development Director of the new Savoy Automobile Museum set to open in NW Georgia in late 2021.Tom Shinall
8Curtis Bloes – Custom photographer and movies-by-minutes podcaster.Curtis Bloes
9Micah Muzio – Creative video producer for Kelly Blue Book and operator of his own YouTube channel that exploded in popularity during the pandemic due to his helicopter flights over deserted streets.Micah Muzio
10Tim Andrews – On-air personality and voice talent on The Von Haessler Doctrine heard on WSB Radio in Atlanta. He is also the host of the podcast, Radio Labyrinth.Tim Andrews
11Gene Ho – World class photographer and businessman who was selected by the Donald J. Trump campaign to photo-document his campaign from 2016-2017. Gene Ho
12Chris Lott – Rising independent film score composer who also hosts a podcast with his wife, Measuring the Score, where they discuss film scores.Chris Lott
13Amanda Raymond – Writer, director and actor whose work has been created for Netflix and others, and owner of 13 Curves Productions. Amanda Raymond
14Douglas Helvering – Classically trained composer and PhD music professor discusses his love of music and his sudden explosion in followers on his YouTube channel.Douglas Helvering
15George Murray – Former FBI field and undercover agent discusses his time and some stories with the Bureau. George Murray vol 2
16Jeff Leiboff – Graphic designer by day and podcast co-host and producer by night for Radio Labyrinth.Jeff Leiboff
17New Age group 2002 – Randy, Pamela and Sarah joined us to chat about their music career and the release of their latest album, Hummingbird. New Age group 2002
18Caroline Daley and Michael Caputo of Pod Clubhouse – Creators and two hosts of the podcast, which has grown to several shows under one umbrella. Caroline Daley and Michael Caputo of Pod Clubhouse
19Karen Minton – Recently retired meteorologist who made a career change early, jumped to The Weather Channel but settled in Atlanta, GA on WSB-TV.Karen Minton
20Stephanie Stuckey – Granddaughter of the original founder and current CEO of the Stuckey’s Corporation.Stephanie Stuckey
21Barnaby Martin – Is the star of the YouTube channel, Listening In, where he breaks down film scores and music compositions.Barnaby Martin
22Pat McCormack – Is the current star of the YouTube Channel, Golden Rage of TV, where he dives into retro TV trivia.Pat McCormack
23Kerry Slone – Is a strong women’s advocate, teaches fire arms safety and created the non-profit, We the Women. She is also a social media maven at Stilettos and Shotguns. Kerry Slone
24Dustin Lollar – Is a podcaster and YouTube producer for Radio Labyrinth.Dustin Lollar
25RUSH Cinema Strangiato – With RUSH Cinema Strangiato opening nationwide for a one-night showing of the Director’s Cut of their R40 tour, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray welcome bassist Philip Sanders to spend the episode discussing the band.RUSH Cinema Strangiato