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Blazing Saddles

We want to thank all of our guests who have participated (or will participate) in our podcast where we celebrate and breakdown the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. If you are looking for a particular person who appeared in any of our episodes, just scroll through and see. We have identified the minutes where they appeared and have provided a short bio so you can learn a little more about them.

Season Two – Blazing Saddles – February 25, 2019

Episode(s) Guests Bio
0, 1, 2, 3 Alan and Walt Does anyone really care about knowing more about hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray?? Can’t they just put a link to ABOUT US and be done with it?
4, 5, 6 Jim O’Kane After too many years in Aerospace / Information Technology, Jim has returned to his roots in Entertainment and chatting about stuff. Producer of popular podcasts such as Airport Minute, The Rocketeer Minute, Die Hard Minute, and 007 Minute, he’s now focused on making The Apollo 13 Minute podcast his best series so far.
7, 8, 9 Robert E. G. Black Robert is a father, a college professor, a film enthusiast, an sometimes and opinionated fool. He has seen Groundhog Day over 400 times and has the blog to prove it, has two podcasts under his belt and dreams of many more. And, every other Sunday he pretends to be an 11-year-old girl with serious emotional issues and a penchant for killing things, because D&D, podcasting, and movies are really close to all one needs in life. Current projects include the Michael Myers Minute and Dave Made a Minute.
10, 11, 12, 13 B.K. and Commander Clark Members of the weekly radio show, B.K. on the Air on AM 1450 and FM 100.3 WBHF, online using the TuneIn Radio app and rebroadcast on Soundcloud.
14, 15, 16, 17 Jim Dunham and Dwayne Towns

Jim Dunham has spent most of his life pursuing his love of the American West. As a teenager he was active in the sport of Fast Draw and became accomplished at gun spinning and fancy gun handling. He studied acting and Fine Arts at the University of Colorado and began performing a show about the Gunfighters of the Old West for service clubs and church groups.

In 1967, Jim took his act to Hollywood and was hired by 20th Century Fox Film Corporation to perform in their Studio Tour Stunt Shows. During the next few decades Jim would teach gun tricks and fast draw to movie actors, speak at conventions, work as a performer in the Chuck-wagon Supper Show business, appear as a guest on national TV talk shows and perform at the Winter Olympics. Currently he can be seen as a Western historian on four episodes of the series, “Tales of the Gun,” on the History Channel and on the 2010 season of PBS TV’s, “The American Experience: Wyatt Earp.” The 2010 issue of True West magazine’s “Best of the West” Source Book recently honored Dunham as the “Best Living Single Action Shooter.” Dunham is employed as the Director of Special Projects and Historian for the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA.

18, 19 Thomas Howeth Thomas Howeth started his podcasting career covering The Neverending Minute. Currently he is a player for the Dungeons and Dragons Actual play podcast “CritStorm Cast” where he also is the audio engineer.
20, 21 Dave Dalessandro Dave is an Engineer from Mentor, Ohio. He is the editor and co-host of Seinfeld Minute with his girlfriend, LeeAnn. They are the proud parents to a baby boy, Cooper, born Christmas 2016. In his rare spare time, he plays chess and does some creative writing, mostly absurd short stories originating from his actual dreams.
22, 23, 24 Peter (“Pete the Retailer”) Bonavita and Alex Robinson Peter Bonavita, aka, Pete The Retailer, grew up in a beautiful beach town on Long Island, where he spent most of his time indoors. After a decade working at NYC’s world-famous Forbidden Planet, he is now a podcaster and all-around digital media guy. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Ella and their two children. He is most readily known for being the host of the Star Wars Minute.

Alex Robinson is the co-host of the Star Wars Minute and Godfather Minute podcasts. He is also a cartoonist who has produced several graphic novels, including Box Office Poison and Too Cool to Be Forgotten, all of which are available from Top Shelf productions. He currently lives in Portland, OR with his wife, their cats Tic-Tac and Cookiepuss and their dog Filbert.

25 Paul Tien-Shih Paul has been listening to podcasts since 2005, and Movies by Minutes podcasts since The Empire Strikes Back era. He is an active participant in many MxM listeners’ groups, and guested on The Princess Bride Minute (Steve and Jonathan didn’t know what hit them). If he ever gets his act together, he’ll do his own MxM show.
26, 27 Robert E. G. Black Robert is a father, a college professor, a film enthusiast, an sometimes and opinionated fool. He has seen Groundhog Day over 400 times and has the blog to prove it, has two podcasts under his belt and dreams of many more. And, every other Sunday he pretends to be an 11-year-old girl with serious emotional issues and a penchant for killing things, because D&D, podcasting, and movies are really close to all one needs in life. Current projects include the Michael Myers Minute and Dave Made a Minute.
28, 29 Father David Mowry Fr. David Mowry is a Roman Catholic priest of the Diocese of Joliet in Illinois and teaches as professor of homiletics and preaching at Mundelein Seminary. He is the chaplain of the Movies-by-Minutes community and has made guest appearances on Star Wars Minute, Indiana Jones Minute, DC Cinematic Minute, Bat Minute Returns, The Shining 2:37 Podcast, and Mean Girls Minute. For years he was fascinated by the VHS cover of Young Frankenstein before his parents ever let him see it. It was totally worth the wait.
30, 31 Kevin Karel
32, 33, 34 Ben Peacock and Matt Gray

Matt may work as a land surveyor, but fans of the show see him as more of a professional weirdo. He’s a fan of all things comedy, and now that Alan and Walt introduced him to the works of Gene Wilder, he has a new found respect for the classics.

Ben is the President of Lighthouse Information Services, LLC, a courthouse research company located in Alpharetta Georgia. Ben has previously served as the Chair of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Provider Committee and on the NAPBS Board of Directors.

35, 36 Jonathan Howell and Chris Ramirez

Jonathan likes to talk about movies, maybe a little too much. He fell in love with the Movies By Minutes format and decided to join in. Along with his college friend, Chris, they investigate the movie Mission: Impossible (1996) one minute at a time. You can find Jonathan as one of the hosts of Minute: Impossible and he has also been a guest on Galaxy Quest MinuteCabin in the Woods and upcoming on Titanic MinuteMad MaxFlash GordonSpider-Man 2, DarkKnight  and  Watchmen Minute.

37, 38 Chris Frain Chris Frain is the producer and co-host of “Open the Podcast Doors, HAL” – a movie-by-minute examination and celebration of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He also records and performs electronic music under the name Pattern Language, and composes music for films on occasion.
39, 40, 41 Sean German & Dave Pallas

Sean is a host on the Spinal Tap MinuteGroundhog Minute and Five Minutes of Mime and has been a guest on the Indiana Jones Minute and several other movies by minutes podcasts.

Dave Pallas is the host of 5 Minutes of Mystery covering the 1999 super-hero ensamble Mystery Men and is co-host of Groundhog Minute. He likes Jersey food and board games where you lie to your friends.

42, 43 Tim Andrews & Jeff Leiboff Tim Andrews has been involved in both broadcast radio and podcasting for years. He can be heard as one of the Doctrinaires on The Von Haessler Doctrine, weekdays from 9AM-11AM on News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB in Atlanta. He is also a co-host on the podcast, Radio Labyrinth, along with Jeff Leiboff and others.
44, 45
46, 47, 48 Curtis Bloes
49, 50 Ben Ford and Dave Robinson Ben started podcasting in 2012 on the video game show, The Same Coin, while Dave started just a couple of weeks later on 80’s Picturehouse chatting about movies and music from that wild decade. Both podcasts finished in 2017, but thanks to the 60 Minutes With podcast that began in 2014, podcasters from both shows continue to put an eclectic mix of shows into peoples ears, covering movies, music, television, video games, interviews, reviews and more! Some may call that being a jack of all trades and master of none, whereas we prefer to look at it as being a buffet of aural entertainment where you can pick what you enjoy. Ben and Dave can be found together on the 60 Minutes With ‘ClintCast’ series of shows. Go ahead, give us a listen and make our day.
51, 52
53, 54
55, 56 Megan Baillie Megan Baillie calls herself a serial enthusiast, which is why she goes by ‘actor’, ‘writer’ and a Master of Conservation Biology. As a lover of long talks with new acquaintances, Megan found herself invited into the Movies by Minutes family in late 2018. She first guested on Austin Powers Minute and then on Mean Girls Minute. She has become known for her well-timed quips in the MxM community. Feeling welcomed, she claimed Bohemian Rhapsody due to her deep love of films about bands, but has only just ordered a microphone. Stay tuned for her first Podcast of her own to come in March 2019.
58, 59 Tierney Steele Callaghan Tierney has always talked too much about movies and finally the people are listening! You can find her co-hosting Return to Oz Minute, The NeverEnding Minute, MASH Minute, and Joe versus the Minute. When she takes off her podcaster cape, Tierney magically transforms into a librarian and mom.
60, 61, 62 Dustin Thornton Dustin, aka, Chiken, is the Co-Founder of the Random Audio Network. He currently is the co-host of Mainstreaming, a weekly review podcast that tackles streaming content. He also co-hosts Listicles, a show where they rank the top whatever of whatever. He is also starting a podcast called Friends of the Franchise, where they will be going through franchises, one movie at a time, starting with Marvel’s MCU movies.
63, 64
65, 66
67, 68, 69 Tom Taylor, Pete Mummert & Gerry Porter

Tom Taylor is busier than he ever intended to be as co–host of The Indiana Jones MinuteCaddyshack Minute now called The Movie Hole, and ABCDEVO podcasts. If that weren’t enough, he has also written a young (not-Frankenstein) adult novel, In Memory of Todd Woods.

Pete Mummert is a co-host of the Indiana Jones Minute podcast, a show that the AV Club once hailed as “not nearly as tedious as a thing like this could potentially be.” He lives with his wife, two cats and a monstrous creature that he animated during an electrical storm last year.

Since seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark, Gerry Porter has been inspired to search the globe for rare antiquities. Actually drums. He’s known Tom Taylor since birth, and Pete Mummert since their days at Marshall College, and believes that in a fight between Han Solo and Indiana Jones, we all win (until we all lose). His official title is the Perpetual Intern, or P.I., on the Indiana Jones Minute.

70, 71, 72 Rick & Julia Ingham Rick and Julia Ingham are a New Hampshire based husband-and-wife podcasting team who began the Mad Max Minute podcast in January 2017. Since that time, they have released over 200 episodes of content covering the main Mad Max series as well as other related movies through their hiatus content.Aside from hosting their own podcast, both Rick and Julia enjoy listening to podcasts, watching movies, and spending time playing games with friends. Rick has been a guest on dozens of other movies by minutes podcast, some of which include Austin Powers MinuteBeauty and the Beastly MinuteCabin Minute CastThe Cornetto MinuteDark Knight MinuteGalaxy Quest MinuteHarry Potter MinuteMinute of DarknessNational Lampoon’s Christmas DaysPoint Break MinuteReturn to Oz MinuteSpinal Tap MinuteThe Living Dead MinuteThe Princess Bride Minute and Toy Story Minute.
73, 74 Tyler Boudreau You would think Tyler Boudreau would be able to write a funny bio, given he is a comedian and satire writer. But therein lies the problem. If he was any good at selling himself, maybe you would have heard of him or his podcast, Fantastic Mr. Fox Minute (which he hosts with his sister Chandra). What you should know is that Tyler is a college student, a comedian, a teacher, a writer, a critic, a librarian, a movie fan, and a moon worshiper. Despite such varied interests, podcasts may very well be Tyler’s true passion.
75, 76, 77, 78 Doug Greenberg & Jason Hanes Doug Greenberg is one of the hosts of Rocky Minute, which is a proud member of the Dueling Genre Production Network. Doug has also been a guest on Jay and Silent Bob MinuteDark Knight MinuteNational Lampoons Christmas Vacation Days and Austin Powers MinuteDoug is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and is married with two wonderful sons. He is an avid New York Yankees and New York Giants fan and former baseball player himself. Other than podcasting, his hobbies include jiu jitsu and weight lifting.
79, 80 Stephanie Harris Stephanie has been in the Radio/Voice field for over five years. Stephanie is an Atlanta native and enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs, working out, enjoying a good book or concert and relaxing with a great movie. She’s guilty of the occasional binge-watch session and loves college basketball playoffs. Oh, and she’s a bit of a News junkie!
81, 82 Eric Nash Eric is a co-host on the Watchmen Minute and has been a guest on other movies by minutespodcasts, including DCEU Minute – Dawn of Justice minutesPoint Break MinuteTarantino Minuteand the Galaxy Quest Minute
84, 85 Autumn Fischer Autumn Fischer, the true dynamo that she is, can be found every Monday through Friday 9-12 on the Von Haessler Doctrine on WSB radio, on a pop culture podcast called Radio Labyrinth with Tim Andrews, and her newest podcast with Greg Russ called One Topic. She also loves to bake, crochet, and is currently raising two humans children.
86, 87
88, 89
90, 91
93 Alan and Walt
S2 Bonus 1 Invited prior guests plus Alan and Walt