Current Guests

We want to thank all of our guests who have participated (or will participate) in our season three podcast. We look forward to breaking down the film Silver Streak! If you are looking for a particular person who appeared in any of our episodes, just scroll through and see. We have identified the minutes where they appeared and have provided a short bio so you can learn a little more about them.

Season Three – The Listeners Lounge

Episode(s) Guests Title Card
Bonus 1 Alan and Walt What to Binge While Quarantined
Bonus 2 Alan and Walt Escape from lockdown
Bonus 3 Alan and Walt Welcome to the Listeners Lounge
1 B.K. on the Air BK on the Air
2 James Enstall James Enstall
3 Hawk Hagebak Hawk Hagebak
4 Pat McCormack Pat McCormack
5 Kristen Gates Kristen Gates
6 Eric Wojciechowski Eric Wojciechowski
7 Dean of the Dead Dean of the Dead
8 Randi-O Randi-O
9 Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes Doug Greenberg Jason Hanes
10 Ben Cramer – Old Sea Brigade Old Sea Brigade
11 Stephanie Swain Stephanie Swain
12 Pete and Sandra Marchese Pete and Sandra Marchese
13 Bill Crane Bill Crane
14 JW Webb JW Webb
15 Ben Ford and Chris Jellyman Ben Ford and Chris Jellyman
16 Christopher Korman Christopher Korman
17 Dr. Don Green Dr. Don Green