TWR Listeners Lounge – Christmas Show and Season Finale

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Christmas Show and Season Finale

In this episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray bring you their Christmas Show and Season Finale to season 4. They bring you some of their favorite Christmas songs, both secular and religious. They also share some of their Christmas traditions, both old and new. Alan and Walt then share their current top 10 favorite Christmas films to watch during the holiday season. As they begin to wind down the show, they share some of their best Christmas memories from childhoods. That conversation evolves into how they both look at Christmas now as adults with children. As they end their Christmas Show and Season Finale, both Alan and Walt are thankful for all that happened in the past year. They are both really looking forward to what season 5 will be and getting it underway in early 2022.

During their hiatus, Alan and Walt encourage listeners, both new and old, to explore all of the content available over the past four seasons. They also want to remind everyone about their Patreon page where they have a lot more content. You also have the ability to support the show financially, should you wish. As we close out 2021, Alan and Walt hope you enjoy their Christmas Show and Season Finale and will take a moment to rate and review the show and share the episode on your social media.

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