TWR Listeners Lounge – Pat McCormack

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Pat McCormack

In this episode, hosts Alan and Walt welcome a returning guest from season 3, Pat McCormack of The Golden Rage of TV. If you missed Pat’s interview from last season, we highly recommend you go back and listen. Pat does give a short, Readers Digest version of his backstory, leading to the creation of The Golden Rage of TV channel on YouTube. Initially, the channel provided a spotlight to his incredible guitar work. Pat would take classic television themes and put a hard rock guitar edge to them. He admits his masterpiece is Funeral March of a Marionette (strongly associated with the Alfred Hitchcock Show). Runner up to that was his Joe Satriani-like rendition of the Get Smart theme. But, with age and some hearing issues, Pat made a change to creating mini, bite-sized documentaries or did-you-know episodes for his channel. Now, with hundreds of videos to watch, Pat is continuing to find new ways to bring the classic age of TV to life.

Pat McCormack hangs out through the remainder of the show, which was an absolute blast. Walt had to review yet another horribly bad film. Then, he and Alan went through some strange news items. Finally, they all weighed in on the entertainment segment, sharing what they have been watching, reading and listening to.


Walt admits he is still fixated on the Olympics. He continues to binge Hill Street Blues on Hule and is working his way thorugh season two of The Movies That Made Us on Netflix. Alan re-watched the Harrison Ford flick, The Fugitive, with his wife and visiting Father-in-Law. Outside of that, Alan continues to catch the YouTube channels, Popcorn in Bed, Ashleigh Burton and Listening In. Cassie, from Popcorn in Bed, reacted to Jurassic Park, The Grand Budapest Hotel and What About Bob? Ashleigh reacted to The Producers, The Outsiders, Captain American: The First Avenger and Robocop. Listening In broke down a Bond theme that was never used, explored the score to Inside Out and discussed why the song, “When She Loved Me,” makes us cry. Pat has been onto a lot of sports, including the Olympics and baseball. However, he admits to unwiding at the end of the day with re-runs of The Munsters on Kozy.


Alan and Walt both are stuck trying to get back to the Star Trek behind the scenes book. Walt is also going through, “The History of the Road Trip.” Pat took us all off guard with the gripping tale from his Nesspresso owner’s manual.


Walt started to listen to the podcasts, The Neighborhood Listen, Dr. Death and Team Never Quit. Alan went back to one of the very first New Age albums he ever heard, Ray Lynch’s, “Deep Breakfast.” He also revisted Ray Lynch’s, “No Blue Thing.” Additionally, Alan binged episodes of The Great Escape Minute podcast and Radio Labyrinth. Pat listens to the radio show, “BK on the Air, every Saturday morning on WBHF. He also enjoys the podcasts, You Must Remember This and Gilbert Godfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast.

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