TWR Listeners Lounge – Tom Shinall

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Tom Shinall

In this episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray sit down with Tom Shinall, the Business Development Manager for the new Savoy Automobile Museum. The museum is slated to open in Fall of 2021 and will be a world class automotive museum. Tom Shinall talks with us extensively about the research they did first. Many car museums are someone’s collection. After seeing it a few times, there isn’t anything new. Savoy will plan to have rotating galleries to always have fresh and new themed exhibits. But, that is just on the inside. The car culture is so pervasive, there are tens of thousands of car clubs. The grounds of Savoy can hold up to 1000 vehicles for massive car shows to take place outside.

The museum is under the same management group that owns the Booth Western Art Museum and Tellus Science Museum. Both are Smithsonian affiliates and are world class museums themselves. As we wind down our museum discussion, we talk about our first cars and what car we would like to own today if money were no object. Alan then throws in a curve about favorite Hollywood car each would like to own. The hosts then get Tom to go through some of his background and how he went from a broadcast journalism degree to business development manager for a new museum.

The show then moves onto a horrible movie Walt was forced to watch and review. Afterwards, they each bring out a pair of crazy news stories to share with the audience. The show then winds down with the entertainment segment.


Walt found the Tubi App and then watched the documentary series, The Fighting Season. It’s a show from Rick Schroeder, documenting our fighting troops in the Middle East. Alan is closing in on the end of season one of classic Star Trek. The two episodes he most liked in the last week were Space Seed, with Ricardo Montalban, and Errand of Mercy, with John Colicos.


Walt is still reading, “Running with the Devil.” Alan ran across a blog post entitled, “The 25 Conversation Starters for Married Couples,’ as part of his research for a different podcast.


Walt reminds us all we should be subscribed and listening to Radio Labyrinth. He also really likes, Holy Crap It’s Sports with Pete Davis. Alan has been streaming the score to The Queen’s Gambit. He also puts in a plug for the podcast he and his wife started called, The Marriage Fit Podcast.

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