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TWR Listeners Lounge – Mike White

In this episode, Alan and Walt sit down with former Alabama football player, Navy Seal, Actor, body guard and now businessman, Mike White. The conversation opens with a discussion of how Mike was recruited to play football for the University of Alabama. During college, he never thought about a career in the military. He admits the irony in being an English major in school, more interested in Chaucer than other subjects. But, Mike believes in effective communication and having a robust vocabulary.

It was a chance look at a magazine that sent him to the US Navy, where he became a Navy Seal. Some time is spent discussing the intense training and teamwork to make the Seal team. Mike shares some entertaining stories while deployed on various missions.

After serving his time, Mike White got into acting. Because of his physical size and abilities, he got roles on several television shows and films. After four years, he was offered the chance to perform security for Bill and Melinda Gates, so he changed careers. This then led to getting the chance to be head of security for Bruce Springsteen for a year-long tour. Mike recounts one particular story about how the “Boss” nearly got pulled out of a van on the way to the airport after a gig. We end the interview segment with a discussion of the career Mike has today. He believes each and every move in his path led him to the job he now holds.

After the interview, Walt reviews the horrible movie selected by our listeners. Then Alan and Walt each share a couple of crazy news items. The two wrap-up with the entertainment segment.


Alan is working his way through season one of ST:TOS (remastered) and commented about how good, “The Balance of Terror,” was so far. Alan and his wife are also onto season 4 of The Good Place. Walt was turned on to a pair of documentaries he recommends. The first is, Murder Among the Mormons. The other is called, The Ripper.


Alan has been buried in the news with all the additional radio work he was doing. Walt is about a third of the way through the book, “Running with the Devil,” by Noel E. Monk.


Alan highly recommends episode 344 of the 60MW Podcast entitled, “Re-looking at Music Videos Part 2 (remastered)” with visual conceptualist Keith Williams as the guest. Walt is listening to Gangster House, talking about how an FBI top 10 most wanted was taking up residence in his neighborhood when he was a kid. The other is The Dirty Harry Minute. Walt was part of a live, real-time discussion about the film Sudden Impact. The audio of that session was just published.

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