TWR Listeners Lounge – Autumn Fischer

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Autumn Fischer

In this episode, hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray are joined by voice-acting talent and radio personality, Autumn Fischer. We open learning Autumn fell into the radio business somewhat by accident. Catching the ear and mind of radio host Eric von Haessler got her on when he was with The Regular Guys show. After that show fell apart, Eric began to reinvent himself. He invited trusted talents to join him for a daily podcast show from his home. Years of plugging away led to a return gig on WSB Radio in Atlanta. Autumn, on the cusp of a degree and an IT career, took the leap of faith to be part of it. Years later, they are the number one rated morning show in Atlanta from 9AM-12PM. Along with her history, Alan, Walt and Autumn talk about the very real danger of cancel culture. It’s a serious discussion, handled in a humorous way. Autumn Fischer sticks around though the rest of the show as we move into our terrible movie review. We follow that with four ridiculous news items. The show ends with an entertainment discussion over what each are watching, reading and listening to.


Walt is finally starting to watch WandaVision and has enjoyed the first few episodes. Walt also re-watched Coming to America in preparation to watch the new sequel, Coming2America. Alan jumped on that, saying he and his wife just watched both of those films back-to-back. He liked the nostalgia and the hommage to the first film. Alan is also midway through season one of Star Trek: The Original Serieis (remastered). Autumn highly recommends the YouTube channel, Red Letter Media. She also likes OSS117, The Real Housewives of NJ and NY and the British series, Peep Show.


Walt just ordered a copy of “Running with the Devil,” a history of Van Halen. Alan and Autumn decided to plead the fifth.


Walt started the podcast, Dark Arenas, and was immediately hooked to this twist on the crime podcast genre. Alan did a shameless plug for The Marriage Fit Podcast, a show recently started by him and his wife. He also started to listen to the History of the Marine Corps, a show suggested by prior guest, Bryon Lockhart. Autumn listens to several podcasts. Recent ones include: Where My Mom’s At; 2 Bears, 1 Cave; Your Mom’s House, Saving Sex in the City 3 and Watch What Crappens. She also did a shameless plug for her own podcast, One Topic.

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