TWR Listeners Lounge – Bryon Lockhart

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Bryon Lockhart

In this episode, hosts Alan and Walt welcome Bryon Lockhart, a former Marine and one of the hosts of The Marine Corps Movie Minute. Alan and Walt open with a discussion on weather. Both are looking forward to spring. Walt mentions he’s on a first name basis with most of the ambulances in his neck of the woods. Even the local orthopedic surgeon seems to know Walt. Then the guys welcome guest Bryon Lockhart to the stage. Alan and Bryon recounted boot camp stories. Bryon also talked about growing up in upstate New York in Rochester, home of the Garbage Plate. From talk of the Marine Corps and A School, the discussion moved to podcasting. Bryon started listening to movies-by-minutes and after awhile decided to do one too. Not wanting to get stuck in a franchise, he and his partner decided to look at films based around the Marine Corps. Their first season looked at the Clint Eastwood film, “Heartbreak Ridge.” They even had one of the actors, Peter Koch, join them on a handful of episodes. Up next for the podcast, Full Metal Jacket.


Walt is watching Letterkenny on Hulu and has started to re-binge NCIS. Alan is loving WandaVision on Disney+. Watching it led him to rewatch Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. He said Age of Ultron works much better now after seeing WandaVision. Bryon also is enjoying WandaVision along with CobraKai and binging episodes of the Lethal Weapon TV series.


Walt is working his way through, “Texas Ranger: The Life of Frank Hamer.” Bryon is using his Marvel Unlimited app to go back and read the Avengers, “Operations Galactic Storm” storyline.


Walt just got the latest Foo Fighters album, “Medicine at Midnight.” He has been listening to the podcast, Conan Needs a Friend. Alan just caught episode 341 on the 60MW Podcast. It was a show where the guest was an expert in the rise of MTV and music video from the 80s and 90s. Alan also continues to spread the word of the SiriusXM app’s Classic Rock Channel as a fantastic station. For those with the app it is channel 715. Bryon is listening to The Karate Kid Minute podcast and The History of the Marine Corps podcast.

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