TWR Listeners Lounge – Welcome to Season Four

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Welcome to Season Four

Welcome to season four! We open the episode with Alan and Walt recapping their holidays and activities since their hiatus. For a moment, the two go on a rabbit trail about snow and prior snowfalls in NW Georgia. This leads Alan to mention a documentary he stumbled across on YouTube about the making of the remastered Star Trek: The Original Series. For some reason, this triggers Walt to discuss his first air fryer.

After nearly 30 minutes of nonsense. the hosts decide to weigh-in on their plans for season four. The Listeners Lounge will continue as a secondary cast along with a show about a Gene Wilder film. They do not discuss their selection, but they do drop a few hints.

Even though they have been a break from this show, Alan and Walt have been busy! Alan and Walt opened the season four collaboration project for the Movies-by-Minutes group called, The Best Minutes Podcast. They are part of a group of 15 other podcasts collaborating on the film, The Best Years of Our Lives. Alan and Walt can be heard discussing the first 10 minutes of the film. Walt and Alan were also asked to each read an individual piece of original fan-fiction for The Dirty Harry Minute podcast. Alan guest hosted five minutes of Office Space Minute and This Means Something Minute (a Close Encounters of the Third Kind podcast). He also guest hosted on three minutes of the upcoming Time Bandits Minute. Walt also did five minutes of guest hosting on This Means Something, American Graffiti Minute, The Room Minute and Seinfeld Minute. He also just recently did a live-cast with the Dirty Harry Minutes team.


During the break, Walt and Alan did watch some shows. Walt suggests Homefront, Hard Kill, Goodfellas, Nightstalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer and Llamageddon. Alan highly recommends The Queens Gambit, Souls, Coco and WandaVision.


Walt has been listening to the new Foo Fighters channel on SiriusXM. He also said he will be changing the, “Bring out your dead,” segment to instead review a terrible movie of the week. He suggested he will put out a weekly poll in our Listeners Group so the audience can help select the film he reviews. Alan cannot get enough of the SiriusXM app channel, “Classic Rock Party.” It’s channel 715 on the app and has a great rotation of rock songs from the 60’s through the 90’s. He also started a new podcast with his wife called, The Marriage Fit Podcast. It’s a completely different kind of show and he hopes the audience will give it a try.

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