TWR Listeners Lounge – Randy Edwards

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Randy Edwards

In this episode, we sit down with Randy Edwards a former NCAA football player for the University of Alabama who played four years in the NFL before becoming a personal injury attorney. We discussed the move from high school football into college ball. We also discussed what an amazing coach Bear Bryant was. We learned about a player scholarship he created and it’s impact on players still to this day. As Randy Edwards neared graduation, he got picked up by the Seattle Seahawks as an undrafted free-agent. His career only last four years, but it was still incredible. After football, it was back to school to get his law degree. He then moved into the are of personal injury law. He loves going into court and fighting for the rights of those harmed by the negligence of others. Randy shared several stories and even a little advice to our listeners.


Walt and Alan cannot praise The Mandalorian enough. It is one of the best things to happen to Star Wars since the original trilogy. Walt is also making his way through season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise. He’s also watched a few WWII flicks lately. They include, The Big Red One, A Bridge Too Far and the Midway remake. Alan is still working through season 7 of Star Trek: TNG. Thanks to the podcast 60MW and the show, “Spotlight Reflection,” Alan has started to binge the old 80’s cop comedy, Sledge Hammer.


Walt is reading, “Somewhere You Feel Free: Tom Petty Los Angeles,” in preparation for our next guest. Walt really likes the writing style and highly recommends the book.


For sports listeners, Walt recommends Holy Crap It’s Sports by Pete Davis. He also is listening to the podcasts The Dirty Harry Minute and How Did This Get Made? He also did a plug for the live Saturday radio shows, Waking Up with Alan and BK on the Air heard on WBHF and streaming worldwide. Alan gave the following weekly plugs to all the casts he listens to: 60MW, The Real Queens of Queens, Bad Cop Bad Cop Show, BK on the Air Escape Pod, Golden Rage of TV, Geek to Me Radio, Marine Corps Movie Minute, ABCD:TOS, Going the Distance, Sly Cast, Rocky Minute, Worst of the Best, Radio Labyrinth and Indiana Jones Minute.

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