TWR Listeners Lounge – MalaniKai

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TWR Listeners Lounge – MalaniKai

In today’s episode we meet up with MalaniKai, former division 1 women’s basketball star and current radio talk host on WSB. MalaniKai never takes no for an answer. She discovered a talent for basketball at the age of 12 and by the time she graduated high school, was courted by colleges around the country. Even with her love of the game, she kept her eye on her education. She knew she wanted to be a broadcaster since she was two years old. After graduation, MalaniKai made her way from one radio assignment after another, eventually moving to Atlanta, Georgia. She bounced around a few places before becoming one of the principle voices on the show, “Word on the Street.” Where does her career go from here? Only time will tell.


Walt is continuing his binge of Star Trek: Enterprise and loves the writing. The Mandalorian continues to impress both Alan and Walt. They discussed the special appearances of actors from other shows the two have previously recommended. Walt began watching, Truth Seekers on Amazon Prime, with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Malcolm McDowell, and loves it so far. Alan is onto season 7 of Star Trek: TNG, is midway through season 4 of Longmire and re-watched the first Avengers movie.


Walt reminds everyone about the show Literally with Rob Lowe. He also likes Small Town Murder and a show called Dr. Death. Alan went back and finished Wind of Change and strongly recommends the 8-part discussion. Other podcast shout outs include 60MW Podcast, The Real Queens of Queens, The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show, BK on the AIr Escape Pod, The Marine Corps Movie Minute, Golden Rage of TV, Geek to Me Radio, The Indiana Jones Minute, Radio Labyrinth, Rocky Minute, The Sly Cast and Worst of the Best.

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