TWR Listeners Lounge – Christopher Korman

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Christopher Korman

In this episode we are joined by Christopher Korman, son of the late actor, Harvey Korman, to talk about his life and his struggles being learning disabled. It’s hard not to want to talk just about the career of Harvey Korman. However, our goal was to focus on Christopher’s life and upbringing. As with any kid, it’s only later you realize what an amazing life you’ve had. We talked about Chris having to come into his own, while still fighting moments of resentment over his dad’s shadow his dad casts. However, with time, he has come to cherish the legacy and how it is being used to help combat learning disabilities.


Walt finished season three of Yellowstone and really loved it. He even said he would have to reassess his earlier thoughts on the talent of Kevin Costner. He also started Cobra Kai and, in memory of Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death, re-watched Black Panther. Christopher has gone back to binge-watch The West Wing, Newsroom and Will & Grace. Alan heartily recommended the Netflix documentary series, High Score, about the rise of the video arcade, the home game console and PC gaming. He also started watching season one of Longmire.


Christopher just ordered the book, “Five Minutes, Mr. Byner,” and is really looking forward to diving into it.


Walt started the podcast, Awakening with JP Sears Show, and cannot decide if it’s meant to be taken seriously or as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek show. However, he is enjoying it. Chris just got Linda Purl’s latest album, “Taking a Chance on Love.” He also suggests, The Carson Podcast, by Mark Malkoff. Alan did a round of shout-outs to our good friends and supporters: Geek to Me Radio, The Real Queens of Queens, The Bad Cop Bad Cop Show and, of course, 60MW Podcast.

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