TWR Listeners Lounge – Stephanie Swain

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Stephanie Swain

Today we welcome Stephanie Swain to our Listeners Lounge. Stephanie is a regular voice on the Radio Labyrinth podcast and an active member of BarkVille Dog Rescue. We learned how an early internet chat room led to love and marriage. Stephanie and her husband moved to Georgia after living two years in Detroit. That’s when she became an avid listener of The Regular Guys radio show. She was invited on-air as part of a challenge and befriended Tim Andrews. Over the years, their friendship grew and it led her to being invited to join his podcast. In the meantime, Stephanie has done stand-up comedy and tried her hand at improv. At her core, though, Stephanie is an avid dog-lover and can be found volunteering as much as she can with BarkVille Dog Rescue. After a great discussion about her life and interests, the show moved to odd news. Finally, the episode closes with what they are all watching or listening to along with some podcast shout outs.


Walt is finishing up Star Trek Voyager on Netflix. He also enjoyed the Netflix documentary, The Business of Drugs. He also suggested Greyhound and the Midway remake. Stephanie recommended The Colony, with Lawrence Fishburne and Bill Paxton. Alan recapped going back to the movies to see the third Harry Potter flick, The Prisoner of Azkaban.


Walt recommeds SuperEgo. Stephaine suggested Literally! With  Rob Lowe podcast and An Oral History of the Office. Alan did a podcast shout-out to Tronologically Speaking, a podcast breaking down the 1982 Disney flick, Tron, in the movies-by-minutes format. Alan also recommended About Space Today, with host David Denault, talking about America’s return to space.

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