TWR Listeners Lounge – Eric Wojciechowski

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Eric Wojciechowski

Today’s episode features Eric Wojciechowski, a long-time parole officer by day and author by night. He is also active in the area of UFOlogy. Before we bring on our guest, Alan and Walt recap their week since the last episode. Walt reminds us about questioning his dad over his apparent death. Then he recounts the tale of a large, naked whale seen at his gym. Alan recaps getting ready for a “glamping” trip on this past Father’s Day weekend. He was also part of a group planning a surprise party for a friend turning 50. The party was followed by going out on the lake the next day. Alan realizes the bulk of his naked body hasn’t seen the sun in over a year!

When Eric takes the stage, Alan recounts their lifelong friendship, starting with computer gaming, D&D and cable television. Eric then delves into his career move into the Department of Corrections for the city of Detroit. While working the day job, Eric took 15 years to complete his first novel, “Three Condoms for Sarah.” During that time, he was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer, which had to be treated twice! The second round resulted from a spot on his liver that began to grow. After completing treatment, an idea of a second book formed and it eventually became the novel, “Chasing Disclosure.” He is set to release his third book, a collection of short stories, on September 11, 2020 called, “Chasing Magic.” He will present that at the 3rd annual UFO Con in Detroit on that same weekend.

The guys moved into their strange news segment with Eric joining in the running commentary. After, they began to wrap up with some movie and streaming recommendations. Finally, their podcast shout-outs included Seinfeld Minute, Monster, Making Sense with Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, Micah Hanks, Somewhere in the Skies, In Research Of, Monster Talk and 60 Minutes With – The Metallica Show.

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