TWR Listeners Lounge – Kristen Gates

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TWR Listeners Lounge – Kristen Gates

Today Alan and Walt welcome special guest, Kristen Gates, morning host on 94.9 FM The Bull in Atlanta. They first open with a short week in review, discussing work, family and dogs. This leads to Alan talking about having to put down their eldest dog, Rufus. Once Kristen joins, it’s all about her career starting back in college. She was originally going to school with a pre-med curriculum. A counselor in her senior suggested she might want to try a few other things and it lead to some communications classes and a radio internship. She has been in radio ever since, now hosting one of the biggest “new country” stations in Atlanta, 94.9 The Bull.

Along the way she has learned a lot, being a female talent on-air. She has also had to deal with real life issues, like getting divorced, being a single mom and trying to hold a career. Then, in March of 2019, she had to have brain surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor. She is more energized than ever about life and her career in morning radio. They all move on to some wacky news items before closing with some movie and podcast recommendations.

Walt once again recommended Fake Doctors, Real Friends. Kristen did a shameless plug for their morning show found on iHeart Radio. Alan did a shout out to the Andromeda Strain Minute hosted by long-time podcaster, Jim O’Kane.

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