Halloween Spooktacular 2019

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Halloween Spooktacular 2019

This year was our 5th year to bring a live Halloween Spooktacular to life on WBHF, AM 1450 and FM 100.3. The radio station also broadcasts over the internet via the TuneIn Radio app or by visiting the website WBHFRadio.org and clicking on the Listen Live button. Hosts Alan Sanders, Walt Murray and BK discussed their favorite Halloween candy and which ones are the worst. They also talked about their top scariest movies, top horror-comedy films and their favorite monsters.

We had two different guest segments mid-way through the evening. Lezlie Sawyer joined in by phone to chat about her acting career and some of her recent cosplay work as Elvira, Mistress of the Night. Then we were joined by author, JW Webb. Though his primary work is in the realm of fantasy, he also has a haunted short called, The Haven. A Brit by birth, he shared his thoughts on scary movies and his experiences in foggy weather. The evening wrapped with a discussion over which actors have played Dracula the best and which have been the worst.

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