Ghostbusters – Patreon Show – Part 1

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Ghostbusters – Patreon Show – Part 1

Hosts Alan Sanders and Walt Murray are joined by Susan Delmonico and Brad Stephens to breakdown one of the 100 best comedies of all-time according to the American Film Institute — Ghostbusters! We continue using a more laid back approach in discussing the film. Instead of moving through the movie in sequence, we kick back and talk about the movie in whatever order pops in our heads. It’s a new and refreshing way for the listener to enjoy hearing our “Wilder Ride” take on this classic ghost movie. The first episode is available as a bonus episode to our regular listeners as well as for our Patreon subscribers. To get the rest of the weekly episodes, you will need to join us at and subscribe at The Waco Kid level or higher. We drop a new episode every Wednesday.

Once you become a subscriber, you can binge all the content you want. Remember, your financial support helps keep the show up and running. We thank all of you who have stepped up to help us out. And, you can always change your support level anytime.

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