Blazing Saddles Bonus: Interview with actor Burton Gilliam

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Blazing Saddles Bonus: Interview with actor Burton Gilliam

In this bonus episode to our season two coverage of Blazing Saddles, we bring you our full interview with actor Burton Gilliam about playing the role of Lyle. We covered a range of topics, including how he got into the movie Paper Moon, meeting Madeline Kahn and quitting his job as a firefighter. Alan and Walt discuss all of his major scenes in the film as well as his friendships with Alex Karras, Slim Pickens and Burt Reynolds.

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He’s just like that in person. We got him to be our guest host at a Habitat Mini-Golf Fundraiser as he lives in the town just south of us. He’s also donated signed copies of Blazing Saddles for other fundraisers I’ve been a part of, and I got him to personalized some BZ DVD’s for me to give out for gifts. He’s just happy to be there amongst people.

He was such a pleasure to interview. We have found it is always more interesting to let the guest talk and see where the conversation leads. We only thought we were going to have an hour but we got a little more than two!

Like you even had a chance to step in. Ha! Did you know his granddaughter was first runner up to Carly Patterson? If Carly wasn’t able to compete, his granddaughter would have gone to the Olympics.

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