Blazing Saddles Bonus Finale: Recap of season two and tease for season three

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Blazing Saddles Bonus Finale: Recap of season two and tease for season three

Now that Blazing Saddle (the movie) is complete, we bring you a bonus finale recap of season two and a tease for season three. Several guests returned to give their thoughts on this past season. We hear from Jim O’Kane, Professor Robert E. G. Black, BK on the Air, Paul Tien-Shih Lee, Father David Mowry, Tim Andrews, Jeff Leiboff, Dave Robinson, Tierney Steele, Pete Mummert and Autumn Fischer. By the end of our bonus finale, Walt and Alan provide additional thoughts and commentary before announcing the big reveal. After playing the trailer for the film for season three, our hosts sign off for their hiatus. However, they announce plans to cover 4-6 movies before the start of season three, all via their Patreon page. Thanks to everyone who was part of our Wilder Ride!

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