Blazing Saddles episode 75 – You bet your a_s

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Blazing Saddles episode 75 – You bet your a_s

We open the episode with Bart telling Charlie to say goodbye. As soon as Bart and Jim leave, Charlie begins to wake up the other railroad workers and tells them to start gathering supplies. The scene dissolves to an open area of prairie in the middle of the night. Bart addresses the folks of Rock Ridge. He says he knows they must want to know what they are doing out there in the middle of the night? In unison they all say, “You bet your a_s!” He’s hip with them and then conveys his plan. They are going to build an exact replica of Rock Ridge overnight.

Our Guests

Our guests today are Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes, hosts of Rocky Minute, which is a proud member of the Dueling Genre Production Network. Doug has also been a guest on Jay and Silent Bob Minute, Dark Knight Minute, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Days and Austin Powers Minute. Doug is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and is married with two wonderful sons. He is an avid New York Yankees and New York Giants fan and former baseball player himself. Other than podcasting, his hobbies include jiu jitsu and weight lifting.

Jason also lives in New Jersey, is married and has a son who likes to burst into podcast recording sessions and run rampant throughout the house. When he gets the chance, he likes to run along the beach in super-short shorts, hoping for a hug-fest in the waves with his best friend.

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