Blazing Saddles Episode 72: I hope you brought enough for everybody

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Blazing Saddles Episode 72: I hope you brought enough for everybody

The episode begins with the first in line having said “rape” twice. Hedley calls him on it. He says he really likes rape. He is deputized and then the next is asked to step forward. As he is giving his qualifications, it is obvious he is chewing gum. Hedley says, “I hope you brought enough for everybody.” The man says he didn’t know there would be so many. Hedley immediately shoots him dead. We cut to The Waco Kid and Sheriff Bart. The Kid says, “Boy is he strict.” Bart wants to get closer. Jim has an idea upon seeing the two Klansman in their Have a Nice Day robes.

Our Guests

Our guests today are Rick Ingham and Dave Pallas. Rick, who, along with his wife, Julia, are a New Hampshire-based husband-and-wife podcasting team who began the Mad Max Minute podcast in January 2017. They enjoy listening to podcasts, watching movies, and spending time playing games with friends. Rick has been a guest on dozens of other movies by minutes podcast, some of which include Austin Powers Minute, Beauty and the Beastly Minute, Cabin Minute Cast, The Cornetto Minute, Dark Knight Minute, Galaxy Quest Minute, Harry Potter Minute, Minute of Darkness, National Lampoon’s Christmas Days, Point Break Minute, Return to Oz Minute, Spinal Tap Minute, The Living Dead Minute, The Princess Bride Minute and Toy Story Minute.

Dave Pallas is the host of 5 Minutes of Mystery covering the 1999 super-hero ensamble Mystery Men and is co-host of Groundhog Minute. He likes Jersey food and board games where you lie to your friends.

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