Blazing Saddles Episode 71: Hedley’s Army

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Blazing Saddles Episode 71: Hedley’s Army

The dolly shot continues down the lines of bad guys all lined up for Hedley’s Army. We see bandits and cowboys followed by German WWII soldiers and an aviator who looks just like Mel Brooks. There are other desperadoes mixed in with biker gang members, moonshine runners, plantation owners and Arabian fighters on camel-back. The line wraps up with a pair of Klansman. Behind a boulder, Bart and Jim look over the villainous line of thugs and criminals. As the minute ends, Taggart calls the first man up and Hedley asks for qualifications. The man simply answers, “Rape, murder, arson and rape.”

Our Guests

Today’s guests are Rick Ingham and Dave Pallas. Rick, who along with his wife, Julia, are a New Hampshire-based husband-and-wife podcasting team who began the Mad Max Minute podcast in January 2017. They enjoy listening to podcasts, watching movies, and spending time playing games with friends. Rick has been a guest on dozens of other movies by minutes podcast, some of which include Austin Powers Minute, Beauty and the Beastly Minute, Cabin Minute Cast, The Cornetto Minute, Dark Knight Minute, Galaxy Quest Minute, Harry Potter Minute, Minute of Darkness, National Lampoon’s Christmas Days, Point Break Minute, Return to Oz Minute, Spinal Tap Minute, The Living Dead Minute, The Princess Bride Minute and Toy Story Minute.

Dave is the host of 5 Minutes of Mystery covering the 1999 super-hero ensamble Mystery Men and is co-host of Groundhog Minute. He likes Jersey food and board games where you lie to your friends.

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