Blazing Saddles Episode 63: Mongo straight!

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Blazing Saddles Episode 63: Mongo straight!

We continue today with Bart reviewing the writ sent by Hedley Lamarr for Mongo’s release. He determines it’s legal and goes to wake him up. Bart comments how those schnitzengrubers can really wipe you out. He then throws a bucket of water at Mongo, waking him. Mongo yawns, breaking all of the chains holding him in place. Bart tells Mongo he is a free man but Mongo won’t go. He says Sheriff Bart is the only man to ever whip Mongo. The Waco Kid says it looks like Mongo has taking a liking to Bart. Mongo looks sheepish and then declares, “Mongo straight!”

Our Guest

Attorney and author, Brad Stephens grew up in Cassville, GA. This lifelong Georgia Bulldog became an alumnus in 2003 and has been practicing law since 2007. When he is not practicing law, he can be found turning back the clock at the gym or pretending to be a sommelier. His book, Reflections in Muddy Water, can be found online and many other regional bookstores. He claims the stories are all true but the names have been changed to protect the characters from themselves. Finally, he believes the snozzberries DO taste like snozzberries.   

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