Blazing Saddles Episode 58: Everything below the waist is kaput

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Blazing Saddles Episode 58: Everything below the waist is kaput

Lili von Shtupp is winding down the song, “I’m Tired,” by adding the words, “Everything below the waist is kaput.” The cowboys in the audience begin shooting their guns into the air, cheering. She falls over and the four dancers grab her as they head off stage. A moment later, they return, putting her on her feet. She takes a bow before falling again into their arms again. She is whisked off stage as a note is handed to sheriff Bart. Jim asks what is says? He begins to read the note, but only gets a few words out before the minute comes to an end. We do spend some time discussing the German word “kaput” and how to get those WWI helmets worn by the dancers. We also discuss the M1 Garand rifles they appear to use in their routine.

Our Guest

Tierney Steele has always talked too much about movies and finally the people are listening! You can find her co-hosting Return to Oz Minute, The NeverEnding Minute, MASH Minute, and Joe Versus the Minute. When she takes off her podcaster cape, Tierney magically transforms into a librarian and mom.

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