Blazing Saddles Episode 57: And bust your balloons

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Blazing Saddles Episode 57: And bust your balloons

We continue with the drunk coming up on stage and Lili kneeing him in the nether region. She is totally unphased and simply continues singing. As she moves through the lyrics, she brings up to famous poets — Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley. She says they jump on your belly and bust your balloons. Byron was famous for his poem about Don Juan. Shelley was famous for his poem, Ozymandias. By the end of the minute, we being to channel our inner Ozzy Osbourne.

Tierney Steele has always talked too much about movies and finally the people are listening! You can find her co-hosting Return to Oz Minute, The NeverEnding Minute, MASH Minute, and Joe Versus the Minute. When she takes off her podcaster cape, Tierney magically transforms into a librarian and mom.

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