Blazing Saddles Episode 54: Lili von Shtupp

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Blazing Saddles Episode 54: Lili von Shtupp

We begin with a slight variation on the introduction of Lili von Shtupp. In the theatrical release, when the emcee introduces her, she immediately comes out from behind the privacy screen. However, in the television version, she enters from stage left. She is wearing a pin-stripped pant suit with a hat. We discuss this outtake with Lili von Shtupp. Then we dive into the theatrical release, breaking down the opening lyrics sung for the song, “I’m Tired.” We also spend a few minutes on a rabbit trail dedicated to some of our favorite Bond theme songs.

Our Guest

Today’s guest is Tina Rogers. Tina is the co-founder and sometime presenter and reviewer of film on  Born and bred in Wales, UK, she left to live in LA for several years, working in the rock music industry. On her return to Wales (after wearing out Motley Crue), she taught small children about history and science. Tina is a vivacious, voluptuous, red head and dreams that one day Westworld will be real so she can dress up as Lily, be a gunslinger and shoot as many baddies as possible. Yeehaw! Blazing Saddles is her all-time most favorite funny film.

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