Blazing Saddles Episode 48: Candygram for Mongo

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Blazing Saddles Episode 48: Candygram for Mongo

We continue today with Van Johnson trying to convince the sheriff to help with Mongo. Bart asks who Mongo is. Jim responds Mongo is not so much of a who as a what. As Bart seems to agree, Van Johnson immediately thanks the sheriff and opens the door yelling the fool is going to… He looks back with a look of chagrin and changes his message to, “The Sheriff is going to do it!” As Bart goes to put on his guns, the Kid tells him not to do that. He tells Bart that if he shoots Mongo it will only make him mad. We then cut to the inside of the Rock Ridge Saloon where a group of men are being slowly crushed behind the piano. Three other bodies are strewn about, but for some reason, a lone man sits at a table, peeling an egg. Suddenly, Sheriff Bart arrives, dressed in a Western Union uniform. He announces he has a Candygram for Mongo. Mongo stops crushing the people to acknowledge that he is Mongo.

Our Guest

Today’s guest is B.K. from the radio show, B.K. on the Air, who returns from earlier in the season. You can listen to his weekly radio show, B.K. on the Air on AM 1450 and FM 100.3 WBHF online using the TuneIn Radio app and if you miss it, it will be hosted on Soundcloud for the following week.

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