Blazing Saddles Episode 45: Up yours

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Blazing Saddles Episode 45: Up yours

The scene opens with Bart trying to simulate a draw on Jim, but the Waco Kid is too fast. Bart is thankful those fingers aren’t loaded. Bart then reminds The Kid, once he establishes himself in the town, they have to accept him. Jim takes a toke and wishes Bart good luck! Unfortunately for the optimistic sheriff, the first citizen he meets is the old woman we saw being hit repeatedly in the stomach during the Number 6. When Bart mentions it’s a lovely morning, she replies, “Up yours, ni**er.” Bart is left frozen in place with a half smile and stunned eyes. We dissolve back to inside the sheriff’s office where Jim is trying to console a dejected Sheriff Bart.

Our scheduled guest was once again unable to make it, so your hosts tackle today by themselves. However, we have it on good authority that attorney Brad Stephens will be able to join us on later minutes later this season.

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