Blazing Saddles Episode 40: Shvartzes! Zeit nisht meshugge

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Blazing Saddles Episode 40: Shvartzes! Zeit nisht meshugge

We open with the Sioux nation riding down upon the wagon train. The white folks circle their wagons, leaving Bart and his parents to circle their own by themselves. Eventually, the only covered wagon left is Bart’s family’s. An Indian Chief rides up to talk to them along with two other braves. As he notices their dark complexion, the chief immediately says, “Shvartzes! Zeit nisht meshugge.” He looks like he may say something else, but that is where the minute comes to an end.

Today’s guests are Sean German and Dave Pallas. Sean is a host on the Spinal Tap Minute, Groundhog Minute and Five Minutes of Mime and has been a guest on the Indiana Jones Minute and several other movies by minutes podcasts. Dave is the host of 5 Minutes of Mystery covering the 1999 super-hero ensemble, Mystery Men, and is co-host of Groundhog Minute. He likes Jersey food and board games where you lie to your friends.

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