Blazing Saddles Episode 27: I need to rehearse my laurel and hearty welcome

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Blazing Saddles Episode 27: I need to rehearse my laurel and hearty welcome

Bart finishes his ride across the open prairie as Count Basie and his orchestra end their tune with a flourish. We cut to the center of downtown Rock Ridge where the townspeople are preparing for their new sheriff. Olson Johnson runs in with a telegram saying the sheriff will arrive by noon. Howard Johnson needs to practice his speech where he wants to deliver a laurel and hearty welcome. Samuel Johnson signals to Gabby who is on a rooftop to ask if he sees anything. Using a telescope, Gabby can see a rider approach. He yells the sheriff is coming. Reverend Johnson commands the church bells to ring while Howard yells to strike up the band. The band begins to play as the minute comes to an end.

Our Guest

Our guest today is Robert E. G. Black. He is a father, a college professor, a film enthusiast and sometimes an opinionated fool. He has seen Groundhog Day over 400 times and has the blog to prove it, has two podcasts under his belt and dreams of many more. And, every other Sunday he pretends to be an 11-year-old girl with serious emotional issues and a penchant for killing things, because D&D, podcasting, and movies are really close to all one needs in life. Current projects include the Michael Myers Minute and Dave Made a Minute.

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