Blazing Saddles Episode 25: One day is all you’ll need

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Blazing Saddles Episode 25: One day is all you’ll need

We continue today where we left off from yesterday as Hedley yells, “Lepetomane!” The governor hits his head against the wall but realizes it will never work. He tells Lamarr that the folks in Rock Ridge will kill him in just one day. Hedley remarks that one day is all you’ll need to be forever remembered for what he did. As Lamarr begins to parade the governor around his office, singing Hail to the Chief, Lepetomane starts to recite the Gettysburg address. Suddenly, Miss Stein opens the curtains and asks if he is going to come back to her? The governor tells them he must put the affairs of state ahead of the affairs of state. As Hedley and Bart leave, Lamarr says he will take care of all the arrangements. The governor quips, especially the funeral!

Our guest today, Paul Tien-Shih, has been listening to podcasts since 2005, and Movies by Minutes podcasts since The Empire Strikes Back era. He is an active participant in many MxM listeners’ groups, and guested on The Princess Bride Minute (Steve and Jonathan didn’t know what hit them). If he ever gets his act together, he’ll do his own MxM show.

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