Blazing Saddles Episode 22: But law and order is the last thing I want

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Blazing Saddles Episode 22: But law and order is the last thing I want

The episode starts with Hedley trying to adjourn the meeting, but realizes he is overstepping his bounds. The governor then decides to pass around the paddle-balls for everyone to use. As the scene dissolves, we are back in Lamarr’s office. He is contemplating his dilemma. He is tasked with finding a new sheriff of Rock Ridge. However, law and order is the last thing he wants. As he ruminates, he literally looks at us through the fourth wall to ask for our help.

Our Guests

Our guests today are the guys responsible for the movies by minutes format, Pete “The Retailer” Bonavita and Alex Robinson, of the Star Wars Minute. After a decade working at NYC’s world-famous Forbidden Planet, Pete is now a podcaster and all-around digital media guy. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Ella and their two children. Alex is the co-host of the Star Wars Minute and Godfather Minute podcasts. He is also a cartoonist who has produced several graphic novels, including Box Office Poison and Too Cool to Be Forgotten, all of which are available from Top Shelf productions. He currently lives in Portland, OR with his wife, their cats Tic-Tac and Cookiepuss and their dog Filbert.

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