Blazing Saddles Episode 19: Little red devils, they love toys

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Blazing Saddles Episode 19: Little red devils, they love toys

Today’s episode opens with Reverend Johnson telling the congregation he is going to read from Matthew, Mark, Luke and…Duck. He says this as a lit bundle of dynamite is thrown into the church through a window. The explosion is followed by a quick fade to black.

After some discussion about what life in a nursing home might be like, we fade in to the door of the Governor William J. Lepetomane . Inside the meeting room, politicians are gathered, including the GOV and his scantily clad red-headed secretary. Hedley Lamarr is standing next to the Governor and helps bring the meeting to order. The first order of business they discuss is the purchase of 200,000 acres of land from local Indians. When Lepetomane asks the cost, Lamarr simply says a box full of paddle-ball toys. The Governor first thinks they will not go for it, then again they might. He says the little red devils love their toys.

Our Guest

Our guest today is Thomas Howeth, who started his podcasting career covering The Neverending Minute. Currently he is a player for the Dungeons and Dragons Actual play podcast “CritStorm Cast” where he also is the audio engineer.

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