Blazing Saddles Episode 14: Anal Johnson always kept things nice and clean

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Blazing Saddles Episode 14: Anal Johnson always kept things nice and clean

Today’s episode begins with a fade-in to a day in the life of Rock Ridge. Also, we get the Ballad of Rock Ridge being sung to help advance the story. The scene is a sort of montage sequence going along with the lyrics about the town. Our guests discuss how each movie studio has their own Western town set for filming Westerns. However, we learn they are only shallow facades. Once an actor steps inside, the filming would move to to a sound stage for interior shots.

While discussing the inside shots, we learn the bar, though decorated appropriately, is too big for what would have been typical for a Western town at this time. Moreover, cattle would not have been allowed. The idea that Anal Johnson kept things nice and clean by spitting into cups is absurd and hysterical. By the end of the minute, Taggart and his ruffians begin working their Number 6 on the good people of Rock Ridge.

Today’s Guests

We have two special guests today. Jim Dunham started his career in Hollywood doing cowboy stunt shows and has been a cowboy at heart ever since. He is a historian, artist, poet and performer as well as being a quick draw specialists and a trick gun artists. Today, Jim works at the Booth Western Art Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate world-class museum in Cartersville, Georgia. Dwayne Towns is a black cowboy, a Buffalo Soldier reenactor and an aficionado of black cowboy history in the old west.

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