Blazing Saddles Episode 6: To tell the family secret, my grandmother was Dutch

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Blazing Saddles Episode 6: To tell the family secret, my grandmother was Dutch

Taggert informs Lyle and company that the surveyors are concerned there is quicksand along the track. Lyle suggests having some horses check it out, only to be beaten over the head by Taggert. They cannot afford to lose horse so they send a couple of the railroad workers. Bart explains that he is not qualified given his grandmother is of Dutch decent. Lyle forces them to get on a handcar and head down the line. As they do, Charlie gives Bart a hand slap, laughing and saying, “My grandmother was Dutch!.” Then they suddenly break into a rendition of De Camptown Lady while pumping the handcar.

Our guest on today’s show is Jim O’Kane. He is behind such podcasts as The Rocketeer Minute, Apollo13 Minute and many more.

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