Blazing Saddles Episode 4: I get no kick from champagne

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Blazing Saddles Episode 4: I get no kick from champagne

The Wilder Ride welcomes as its first guest of season two, podcaster Jim O’Kane. Jim brings his expertise in railroads and Western history to the discussion of the opening scene of Blazing Saddles. After squaring off on each side of the tracks the railroad workers, led by Bart, enter into a battle of wits with Lyle and his crew. Lyle tries to taunt them with a request for a “slave” song. Bart restrains some of his fellow workers from becoming physical, choosing instead to sing a different kinds of song. They sing a song about getting no kick from champagne. After their Cole Porter rendition, Lyle demands a different song and this is where the minute ends.

Our guest on today’s show is Jim O’Kane, the Grand Poo-Bah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo of the Movies by Minutes group on Facebook. He is also behind such podcasts as The Rocketeer Minute, Apollo13 Minute and many more.

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