Young Frankenstein Episode 106: Final thoughts and a peek into season two

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Young Frankenstein Episode 106: Final thoughts and a peek into season two

We have come to the end of Young Frankenstein. As part of our final thoughts on the movie, we brought back several of our guest hosts to provide their closing thoughts as well. Walt and Alan take time to intro and outro each guest, while providing some insight and commentary on the season. After going through all the guests, Alan and Walt then spend time  revealing the film they will do in season two. With franchises, it is easy to know the next movie. But, when using the body of work of a particular actor, the audience has no idea what to expect next. We think everyone will be anxious for the return of The Wilder Ride in early 2019.

We need to thank the following folks who were able to join us in our final episode and for providing their thoughts on Young Frankenstein and our first season. Meeting so many extraordinary people has been a wonderful bonus to this Wilder ride!

Our Returning Guests

It’s a Wrap!

Even though our first film has concluded, you can still reach out to us anytime by going to our social media outlets or by using the contact form on our website. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you are enjoying being on this Wilder Ride!

The Wilder Ride will return in 2019 with Season Two as we break down another Gene Wilder film, one glorious minute at a time.

Check out this episode!

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