Young Frankenstein Episode 105: The penultimate episode

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Young Frankenstein Episode 105: The penultimate episode

So we thought we had just one uncomfortable moment in the movie, but it turns out we have another. The final moments mirror the scene between Elizabeth and the monster. This time, Dr. Frankenstein, still in a trance, makes his way into bed with Inga. Inga wonders if the doctor gave some of his wonderful brain to his creature, what did he get in return? The doctor smiles and as the camera pushes in, he rolls over onto Inga in an embrace. The camera cuts to the fireplace where we initially hear what sounds like protestations. The filmmakers pull one last trick, getting us to believe the doctor has turned into the villain. However, after a moment, Inga begins to sing the same song lyric from Naughty Marietta and we realize just what it was the doctor received from his monster. As the penultimate episode comes to a close, we cut to Igor playing his silly rams horn on the edge of the castle wall. The music swells and we begin to pull away from the castle with the credits rolling.

Our guest today, as we wrap up the live-action portion of the Wilder Ride, is Dave Dalessandro of Seinfeld Minute.

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