Young Frankenstein Episode 103: Every thread of the film culminates in one shot

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Young Frankenstein Episode 103: Every thread of the film culminates in one shot

Inga opens the minute expressing her love of the name, Mrs. Frankenstein. After a playful kiss, she tells Freddy to keep his hat on as she moves into the bathroom. Dr. Frankenstein begins to undress, but makes sure to keep his hat on his head. As he unbuttons his collar, picking up his pajamas, Inga starts to hum the Transylvanian lullaby. Freddy becomes momentarily transfixed. In his pose, we get a visual reminder of so many of the elements of Young Frankenstein. It’s as though every thread of the film can be seen in this one shot.

Our guest today on the Wilder Ride is the one and only, Crystal Beth, one of the most guested hosts across all of the movies-by-minutes podcasts. She is such an important voice she is mentioned specifically in the movies-by-minutes FAQ as being a mandatory guest for all new shows! Moreover, Crystal was an amazing guest and such a pleasure to have, given we helped introduce her to the film Young Frankenstein for the first time ever. She can be heard on the Unlimited Lives podcast as well as her own MxM, The Fifth Eleminute.

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