Young Frankenstein Episode 99: Inspector Kemp battering ram

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Young Frankenstein Episode 99: Inspector Kemp battering ram

We continue today with Igor switching off all the controls to the laboratory equipment. One piece continues to fire until Igor comes down the staircase and hits it. Then, he grabs what looks like test leads from a voltmeter and touches it to the metal salad bowl on Dr. Frankenstein’s head. Even though we have been dealing with electricity again, a close up of the doctor shows what looks like some liquid goop running through tubes. The tubes seem to be connected to a pump between him and his creature, who also wears a salad bowl on his head. Igor and Inga converse that the transference should take 15 minutes; no more, no less. Outside the castle, Inspector Kemp becomes a battering ram, allowing the angry mob access to the castle.

Before we conclude, we check in one last time with Malte Derks, our German counterpart to The Wilder Ride about the German words Kemp yells during the battering ram sequence. And joining us again today as our guest on the Wilder Ride is David Smith, one of the hosts on, Airplane Minute.

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