Young Frankenstein Episode 98: Prepare for the transference

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Young Frankenstein Episode 98: Prepare for the transference

We continue today with the monster nearly cresting the edge of the wall. Dr. Frankenstein says the monster wants to do it for himself. We get a very odd look from the monster making us think he might be okay with a little help. He finally makes it over the wall, stands up and has one final look of pride before collapsing just as the doctor yells to catch him. They help the monster into the chair Igor had been using. Freddy asks if everything is ready and both Igor and Inga confirm they are all set for the transference. Then Igor asks his master if he is really set on going through with the procedure. The doctor says he is and when Igor reminds him he could die, Dr. Frankenstein misses a note on the violin. The scene wipes and we are in the secret laboratory. The doctor in strapped down on one table; the monster is on the other. Igor is above at the controls performing some kind of James Brown tribute before he yells, “Switching off!”

Joining us again today as our guest on the Wilder Ride is David Smith, one of the hosts on, Airplane Minute.

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