Young Frankenstein Episode 97: Rock climbing like Tom Cruise

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Young Frankenstein Episode 97: Rock climbing like Tom Cruise

Doctor Frankenstein, Igor and Inga are still on the stop wall of the castle, playing the Transylvanian lullaby. Igor finally gets to play the six notes he’s been anxious to play. As the music continue, Inga finally sees the lumbering form of the monster. She cries that it’s working, the music is working! Freddy continues to play the violin as the monster begins rock climbing like Tom Cruise. Though we have some serious concerns with this minute, we still love the movie. By the time the monster reaches the top edge of the wall, Inga and Igor move to aid him. Dr. Frankenstein yells, “Don’t touch him!” They both flinch and pull away.

Joining us again today as our guest on the Wilder Ride is David Smith, one of the hosts on Airplane Minute.

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